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Provides a cloud platform facilitating the effortless delivery of cloud-based solutions and cloud-enabled enterprise applications.

Kumori PaaS, an Operating System for the Cloud



Kumori PaaS, an Operating System for the Cloud
The core of Kumori PaaS is Kubernetes, giving it an incredibly powerful engine to run reliable and scalable applications.

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Kumori PaaS extends the power of Kubernetes with a service model that simplifies the deployment and operation of cloud applications without the complexity that cloud applications present that can be daunting for many teams, often leading to disconnects between development and operations.
Kumori PaaS is a platform that is committed to security and quality, including mechanisms to offer a zero trust networking model and tools to easily integrate with any CI/CD flow.

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02 key features

The platform has the objective of boosting the productivity of the developers and leading to more generating areas of value. This is our proposal to automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC).


about us

Our founder and CTO, José Bernabeu, has a long industrial and academic trajectory. Being a University of Valencia graduate, and later, a Georgia Tech PhD, he has held key technical positions at Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Corporation, designing and developing distributed operating systems and early microservice platforms. At Microsoft, in fact, he led the architecture team for the first version of what became Microsoft Azure, being involved in the definition and early focus of the cloud computing strategy of the company.

our team

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

José Bernabéu

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos García

Chief Commercial Officer

José Pedro Albert

Chief Information Officer

Enrique Ruiz

Chief Administrative Officer

Jorge Elena

Manager RRHH

Raquel García

Recruitment Specialist

Martina Zerillo

Senior Architect

Juan José Valero

Senior Architect

Josep M. Bernabé

Senior Architect

Javier Ferrer

Junior Software Engineer

Salvador Chinesta

Software Kumori Systems



To facilitate the development, deployment, comprehensive maintenance, and operation of cloud-native applications. These applications and platforms are hosted directly in the cloud and can fully exploit the advantages of cloud computing.


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