Conditions of use for the free trial period

The duration of the free trial will be one month. An extension can be requested, providing the motivation for doing so. Extensions will be subject to Kumori’s approval.

If you need more resources to carry out your evaluation, please, get in touch with us, and we will work with you to analyze the possibilities.

If a registered user does not actually make use of the resources for longer than 15 days, Kumori may decide to cancel the account and free whatever resources where reserved for the user, after sending the user a reminder noting this fact.

Kumori Systems S.L. is not responsible for the usage users make of its platform, including any damange users may inflict on themselves or third parties through usage of our platform.

Resources available to users during the trial period

During the trial period, resource usage is restricted as follows:


  • Users cannot register their own DNS domains.
  • Users cannot reserve persistent volumes.
  • No I/O intensive roles can be deployed.


  • 5 concurrent deployments
  • 5 concurrent HTTP entry points
  • 5 roles across all deployments
    • 5 per deployment
  • 6 instances across all deployments
    • 6 per deployment
      • 3 per role
  • 6 CPU units across all deployments
    • 6 per deployment
      • 3 per instance
  • 24 memory units across all deployments
    • 24 per deployment
      • 8 per instance
  • 100Mbps aggregated total bandwidth
    • 100Mbps per deployment
      • 20Mbps per instance